Leadership Essentials

Jul 11, 2022

6:30 pm - 8:15 pm
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This 6-week class taught by our Hope Pastors will give you tools and techniques on Spiritual Leadership and what it means to lead in any area at Hope. If you have a leader who is currently leading or will lead this summer/fall, this is a great way to give them tools as they lead at Hope. Also, if YOU have never attended Leadership Essentials, we would love to have you.

WEEK 1: LEADING FROM INTIMACY BEFORE DOING MINISTRY. Lead others to daily time alone in fellowship with God.

WEEK 2: SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP. Establish a foundational understanding of Spiritual Leadership.


WEEK 3: LEADING YOURSELF. Stay healthy as a leader and learn to lead yourself before you lead others.


WEEK 4: LEADING OTHERS WITH GODLY COUNSEL. Understand the rings of truth to provide counsel to others.


WEEK 5: LEADING THROUGH CRISIS. Discover tools to help someone through a crisis and seasons of chaos.


WEEK 6: LEADING TEAMS. Learn to build teams, invite others into ministry and discover how to disciple others.