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Hope Church exists to connect people to live the life of a Jesus follower. And God has given us an incredible staff team of leaders who desire to accomplish that mission together. This is more than simply a job, it is an opportunity to step into the stream of God’s activity in Las Vegas, the West, and the World.

We are currently looking for Jesus followers to join our staff team and be a part of what the Lord is doing in and through Hope Church. If you feel led to pursue a staff position at Hope Church, please review the openings listed below and fill out the online application.

Hope Students Associate

Congregation: Hope Church Las Vegas

Job Type: Part-Time

Position Summary:

The Hope Students Associate supports the Student Director/Pastor in all facets of the student ministry. This role focuses on fostering the growth and development of the ministry’s various segments, aligning efforts with the leadership and vision set forth by the Student Director/Pastor.

Key Responsibilities:

The role of the Student Ministry Associate consists of the following:

  • Help lead creative events for the student ministry.
  • Act as the primary leader for the discipleship/shepherding of the female students and leaders.
  • Assist the student director in the day-to-day functions of the high school and middle school ministry.
  • Help create systems and structures to support the vision of Hope Students.
  • Help with recruiting, training, and multiplication of new leaders with the emphasis being on the girl leaders.
  • Occasionally teach in either the high school or middle school ministry.
  • Help lead and oversee interns.
  • Help oversee the production of the weekly Hope Student service.
  • Assist in building the community-building strategy of Hope Students.
  • Provide accountability among the volunteer leaders of Hope Students.
  • Assist in conducting one-on-one mentorship and support meetings with Hope Students’ small group leaders.
  • Help cast vision for Hope Student events.
  • Collaborate in the strategic planning of Hope Students events and manage and execute the detailed, ground-level aspects to ensure their successful realization.
  • Ensure the commitment and accountability of Hope Students’ small group leaders in fulfilling their roles for events beyond Wednesday night services.
  • Create specialized outreach strategies for reaching and engaging unchurched students.
  • Lead the Student Leadership Team alongside the Student Director/Pastor.
  • Support the Family Ministries Administrative Assistant with office tasks related to Hope Students.
  • Be the primary leader of Hope Student’s social media pages.
  • Be the primary leader of check-in on Wednesday nights ensuring every student and adult leader gets checked in.
  • Assisting the Next Gen Admin in the Hope Students first-time student process.
  • Lead out the overall flow of student ministry services through planning center.

Qualifications and Required Skills:

The Hope Students Associate position is designed to be a springboard to elevate into a Student Pastor position eventually. Specific skills required for this role include:

  • The Hope Students Associate position is a jack-of-all-trades position where fluency in all aspects of the ministry is necessary. Areas to be proficient in are check-in, tech, programming, recruiting and leading volunteers, curriculum development, events, and caring for and shepherding students and their families.
  • Must be able to clearly articulate the mission, strategy, vision, and ‘whys’ behind Hope Students to students, volunteers, and parents, ensuring a cohesive understanding across all levels of the ministry.
  • Must possess a passion for engaging with students while prioritizing and effectively building relationships and connections with parents as their primary focus of influence.
  • The associate should excel in delegating tasks and roles, consistently empowering volunteers by entrusting them with key aspects of the ministry.
  • Must be able to effectively develop and introduce new avenues for volunteer engagement within Hope Students.
  • Must possess team-building skills and be able to assemble and nurture dedicated teams for specific areas within the ministry, ensuring comprehensive coverage and effectiveness.
  • The associate must have leadership skills to navigate the direction of the service, direct volunteers to their positions, and help troubleshoot problems as they arise.
  • Requires exceptional oral and written communication skills, with the ability to swiftly adapt across diverse platforms and audiences, including volunteers, parents, and students. Proficiency in leading both large-scale events (like parent and camp meetings and volunteer training) and smaller, intimate gatherings (such as huddles and one-on-one meetings) is essential.
  • Must possess strong people skills, engage positively with diverse individuals, and foster strong supportive relationships.
  • Must have proficiency in organizing curriculum, structuring small groups, planning service orders, and maintaining effective communication with volunteers.
  • Skill in recognizing prospective volunteers, actively recruiting, training, and assigning them based on their talents, and providing leadership to these individuals.
  • Should possess foresight and clarity in envisioning desired outcomes, prepared to address key questions such as “Where do you want a 12th grader to be by the time they leave the ministry?” and “What do you want a family to look like before they move into the ministry?”
  • Must be able to collaborate with both the elementary and college ministries to facilitate smooth transitions for students entering and exiting the ministry.
  • Creatively think through unique program elements and events to continually make the ministry engaging, relevant, and fun for students.
  • Must be able to regularly examine and critique the ministry to better serve students, families, and volunteers.
  • Requires adaptability, flexibility, and the ability to swiftly solve problems as they arise.
  • Be familiar with and possess a basic understanding of Fellowship One, Planning Center, ProPresenter, Microsoft Teams, and LEADR.
  • The associate must be open in communication and receptive to teaching and coaching from the Student Director/Pastor.
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