The Lovewell Center

The Lovewell Center gives rescue, relationships, resources and recovery to people experiencing homelessness and poverty through an empowering model that encourages earning and participation.

The Lovewell Center Hours
Tuesday – Thursday

The Lovewell Center Address:
6135 E Harrison Dr. Unit 1
Las Vegas, NV 89120
Call The Lovewell Center: 702-334-0696

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The Lovewell Center is a membership based resource center that gives members the opportunity to earn the physical resources they need by attending classes and programs designed to help them move out of poverty and homelessness and into a restored life. Earned credits can be used in The Lovewell stores: The Dresswell clothing store, The Smellwell showers and laundromat, The Eatwell food store and The Stylewell hair salon.

Housing alone doesn’t solve homelessness. Building healthy relationships, growing in Christ, healing and full restoration is the vehicle that drives you home.

Jenny Bland - Lovewell Director
The Lovewell Center