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Rescue from toxic physical situations and life controlling circumstances is the beginning of restoration in a person’s life. Rescue from direct danger, unhealthy environments, abuse and exploitation is key for restoration to begin.
A transformative relationship with Jesus and a life filled with safe, healthy community is the fuel of restoration.  Access to vital relationships directly impacts a person’s identity, their self-esteem, their emotional health and their future.
In order for full restoration to happen in a person’s life, their basic needs must be met.  A restored life begins with a healthy and safe place to live, access to food and clothing and the ability to pursue education and become employed.  When these are met, a person is freed up to begin the journey to the life that God created for them.
Recovery is an important step in the restoration of a person’s life.  Addiction must be dealt with for a person to be truly free.  Recovery, however,  is not limited to substance abuse.  Recovery from mental illness, trauma, exploitation and the many side effects of poverty allows a person to be fully restored, knowing who they are and what they are capable of becoming.  A recovered life is one with wide open freedom and the ability to find self-sufficiency.
God’s heart is to reconcile the whole earth back to Him.  Reconciliation is essential in the pathway to restoration as it reflects God’s heart for unity, equity and justice.  Reconciliation aims at equity for all people regardless of one’s past, ability, skin color or social status.
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