Our PreK-2 class provides a caring and enriching environment in which all areas of development are encouraged. Social and emotional growth is stressed. It is through a strong self-image that the children have the confidence to know that their potential for learning is unlimited. Cognitive development is fostered through read-aloud stories, letters and numbers, music, art, puzzles, blocks as well as dramatic play.Class ratio: 10 children to 2 adults.

Children entering the PreK-2 class must be 2 years old by August 1st, 2024.


Class Schedule

8:30-8:45- Hand Washing/ Free Play Centers

8:45-9:15- Playground

9:15-9:45- Music

9:45-10:00- Snack/ Library

10:00-10:10- Diapers/ Potty

10:10-10:30- Circle Time

10:30-11:00- Rotation Centers

11:00-11:15- Bible

11:15-11:45- Large Group Activity

11:45-12:00- Closing Circle/ Parent Pick up