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Hope Church exists to connect people to live the life of a Jesus follower. And God has given us an incredible staff team of leaders who desire to accomplish that mission together. This is more than simply a job, it is an opportunity to step into the stream of God’s activity in Las Vegas, the West, and the World.

We are currently looking for Jesus followers to join our staff team and be a part of what the Lord is doing in and through Hope Church. If you feel led to pursue a staff position at Hope Church, please review the openings listed below and fill out the online application.

Current Opportunities

Next Gen Admin Assistant

Position Summary:
The Next Gen Administrative Assistance supports the operation of Next Gen Ministries as a whole as well as the support of Hope Students by providing organization and clerical support services for the Next Gen Team.

This position collaborates with the Next Gen along with other administrative assistants and ministries at Hope Church.

Duties and Responsibilities:
The Next Gen Administrative Assistant is the gatekeeper to the Next Gen Team, as they field all communication coming to the ministry from staff, volunteers, and families. The role rises and falls on their ability to communicate with others. Specific skills required for this role include:

  • The Administrative Assistant will report directly to the Next Generation Pastor whose responsibilities will consist of assisting with all administrative functions, working in collaboration with the Next Generation Team (Hope Kids Preschool, Hope Kids Elementary and Hope Students), and the team of Administrative Assistants in the overall functions of Hope Church.
  • Maintain integrity and confidentiality in all sensitive matters
  • Be the primary first contact for families with ability to communicate direction and vision to parents on behalf of the Next Generation Ministry
  • Assist new families to locate and engage in the respective ministry needs of their families
  • Maintain clear and timely communications to parents as directed by the Next Generation Team
  • Have a passion for families
  • Be a critical thinker
  • Be willing to speak into the direction and success of the Next Generation Ministry
  • Show care and Christian concern for parents, ministry partners, and children on the telephone, in the office, and at church.
  • Ability to manage normal administrative functions related to the Next Generation Pastor – schedule/calendar (including counseling appointments), emails, meetings, Credit Card receipt reconciliation, mail inbound and outbound, filing, copying, etc.
  • Be able to work well with others – team culture
  • Trips and Events: assist in the paperwork, money – collection of deposits and payments, rosters, and other details related to Next Generation Ministry trips and events – specifically Hope Students. Assist with trip departure details and needs
  • Keep and maintain Attendance Reports for Hope Students and accurate records of contact information for Next Generation Ministries
  • Attend Next Generation Ministry team meetings as requested and necessary. This may require occasional evening hour attendance
  • Attend All Staff Meetings as scheduled and as well as other misc. meetings (as needed)
  • Manage the publication of Hope Students brochures, flyers, postcards, newsletters, and information displays/signs, as requested.
  • Maintain Hope Students website content.
  • Manage financial needs, such as receipts, check requests, etc. Collect, count, record and submit deposits to the Finance Department for each department
  • Connecting with first time guests.
  • Participation in meeting and event arrangements for Hope Students
  • Communication with and to Hope Students leaders
  • Coordinate with the Facility Management team and AV team to ensure Hope Students classroom/building needs are met by entering events into Planning Center or Fiix
  • Maintain confidential documentation for Hope Students volunteers.
  • Process applications, including reference checks and background checks for volunteers
  • Act as project manager for Ministry Environments as determined by Pastor of Next Gen & Ministry Environments
  • Perform miscellaneous job and project related duties as assigned

Skills Required:
As gatekeeper to the ministry, must have strong communication skills, both written and oral with the ability to communicate to a variety of people (staff – volunteers – families to name a few).

  • Must be professional in communication through tone and word selection
  • Ability to handle conflict and be able to problem solve to come to solutions and resolutions with others
  • Detail oriented to ensure the ministry is moving forward within the provided guidelines built around the ministry
  • Ability to think through logistics and systems that help build foundations to the ministry
  • Must work well with others as this position works within the Hope Kids Team, the Next Gen Team, and other admins at Hope Church
  • Servant-hearted who sees the needs of the ministry and provide support to make sure the ministry succeeds
  • Team minded by working alongside others in the Hope Kids to help accomplish tasks and goals

HUB Development Director (Part-Time)

Education: College Undergraduate
Work Experience: 2-4 years experience

Position Summary:
The Development Director is responsible for leading all development activities within the Hub: Las Vegas in an effort to raise funding for the Hub’s annual operating budget. This position develops, implements, and monitors a comprehensive fundraising plan to expand support for the ministry – including identifying and strengthening relationships with community stakeholders, actively pursuing and managing business and individual leads, fostering strong donor and sponsor stewardship, and if deemed appropriate, seeking, applying for and managing grant funding.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Design and implement a comprehensive Development Funding Plan annually which maintains the fiscal health of the ministry and provides future financial resources for growth and expansion. Including but not limited to business partner major giving, major donor giving, church and ministry partnerships, appeal development and management and, if applicable, grant writing and management.
  • Lead and assist Hub director and partners with fundraising events, as permitted under Hope Church guidelines
  • Along with the Hub Director, develop strong relationships within the community to foster a positive image such that companies, schools, civic organizations, and individuals will make the Hub: Las Vegas the local charity of choice for funding.
  • Act as primary point of contact for funding, donations, and fundraising event inquiries.
  • Coordinate with the church’s finance office to organize and maintain a complete and accurate database record of donors and funding received.
  • Take the lead in creating funding targets for the ministry.
  • Establish tracking tools and monitor monthly.
  • Oversee branding, image, and consistency of messaging in all Hub materials. This includes ensuring that Hub messaging is updated and accurate in all marketing and outreach materials.
  • Work with the Hope staff to design and produce the annual mission offering giving campaign, as well as auxiliary marketing, promotional, and outreach materials.
  • Work collaboratively with Hub team members as needed to secure gifts in kind.
  • Coordinate with the Hub Director to perform networking at selected community and leadership events.
  • Other duties as assigned.
Skills Required:
  • Mature faith and ability to hear from God
  • Excellent personal, verbal and written communication skills
  • Customer service, communication and record keeping experience required
  • Able to manage multiple projects while meeting deadlines
  • Solid organizational, time management and project management skills required
  • Initiative and collaborative skills indicatedFoster and promote business relationships and partnering within the community
  • Comfortable working with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Good public speaking skills required
  • Related college or 6-8 years related experience preferred
  • 2-4 years management experience required
  • Knowledge and use of Microsoft Office, including Word and Excel required; Power Point preferred

Worship Arts Coordinator (Part-Time)
Hope Church Boulder City

Job Description:
Education: Bachelors Degree
Work Experience: Background in leading worship
Others: Familiarity with sound, lighting, and production
Preferred: Understanding of Pro Presenter, Planning Center, Multitracks, Adobe Creative Suite, and Music arrangement

Position Summary:
The Worship Arts Coordinator is primarily responsible to develop and lead the Boulder City Worship Arts team to provide God honoring, Spirit-filled, and engaging worship events for the Hope Church Boulder City family.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Must have a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ 
  • Exhibits a servant’s heart with a teachable spirit 
  • Places a high level of importance on personal discipleship 
  • Must be able to articulate and display a clear call to ministry 
  • Must be able to laugh, have fun, and be creative and flexible 
  • Exercises Biblical character 
  • Love for the church 
  • Ability to recruit volunteers who are growing and teachable 
  • Attend regular staff meetings 
  • Provide monthly credit card detail and receipt files and monthly budget request forms as required to record all expenses 
  • Meet weekly with the Staff Team to ensure consistency in all of the ministries in Boulder City 
  • Meet weekly with the Hope BC Pastor 
  • Participate in training opportunities and continuing education for ongoing development
    as the Worship Arts Coordinator 
  • Attend monthly Hope Church BC Advisory Team meetings 
  • Work in coordination with Hope BC Pastor, Staff, and Advisory Team to lead and manage the overall direction of the church 
  • Perform other responsibilities as assigned by the supervisor 
Worship Arts:
  • Prompt and timely communication with Worship Arts team members
  • Create worship events at the highest level of excellence possible in our context by making full use of all God has provided (musicians/vocalists/facilities/equipment/finances).
  • Coordinate & conduct weekly rehearsals (Currently Saturday mornings at 9 am)
  • Coordinate & conduct Sunday Morning sound check/ run through (7:30 am) 
  • Ensure stage is set up before all worship environments 
  • Schedule all team members (vocalists, instrumentalists, AV, production) participation well in advance 
  • Plan and finalize the Hope Church BC Sunday worship experience
    • Including but not limited to:
      • Production team members
      • Worship team members
      • Song Selection
      • Stage set up 
      • Production set up 
  • Audition prospective musicians/vocalists and identify new potential worship leaders 
  • Develop new and current band and vocal team members
  • Develop worship song list with clear parameters and criteria 
  • Oversee, create & produce media for the church online experience 
    • Including but not limited to:
      • Social media
      • Posting messages online
      • Updating Website

Skills Required:
A Worship Leader/Director is responsible for organizing and guiding a congregation in religious worship. They often have a deep understanding of music, specifically worship music, its theological background, and are skilled in leading people into a biblical encounter with God through song. Specific skills include:

  • Congregational Worship: The Worship Leaders primary focus is to guide the congregation in giving honor and reverence to who God is and what He has done in song form.

  • Leader: In this context the Worship Leader must guide their team and congregation in a biblical form of worship, preparing hearts to receive what God is saying through His Word and the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

  • Leadership Skills: A Worship Leader must have the ability to motivate and inspire your team. You will need leadership skills when planning a service, leading meetings, and making decisions about the direction of the ministry. Strong leadership also allows you to delegate tasks effectively so that everyone on your team has an opportunity to grow in their role.

  • Communication: As a Worship Leader, you will need to communicate with musicians and other staff members about scheduling, set lists, song lyrics, or other ministry needs. You will also need to be able to explain your vision for the service to the congregation so they can understand what to expect. Communication skills are especially important when working with volunteers as it ensures everyone understands their responsibilities and duties. This helps ensure that all aspects of the service run smoothly. 

  • Creativity: A Worship Leader uses creativity when planning their services, such as by creating unique ways for congregants to engage with each other, or by coming up with creative ways to incorporate music into a service. Creativity can also be useful in devising original worship songs or worship covers that are meaningful to your audience. 

  • Arranging: This skill is useful for Worship Leaders who write their own songs, as they may need to know how to arrange them into full pieces. Arranging also includes knowing how to use musical instruments and other equipment to make music. For example, if you are you’re leading a band, you may need to know how to direct your musicians in creating original sound. In addition, this assist with a Worship Leader creating their own cover of a standard worship selection.

  • Vocal technique: This is the ability to use your voice effectively. This includes knowing how to breathe, project sound, and control pitch. Vocal technique allows the Worship Leader to communicate clearly with their congregation during a service. It also ensures that they can maintain their voice throughout the duration of a service or event.

  • Music theory: It’s important for the Worship Leader to have a basic understanding of musical theory so they can create their own songs or lead others in song. This skill allows them to understand what musicians are trying to convey when they explain their work. Worship leaders who have strong musical theory skills can help other members of their team improve their abilities as well.

  • Organization: As a Worship Leader, you will have many duties that require organization, such as preparing service, leading rehearsals, managing song lists and ensuring all equipment is in working order. Being organized can help you manage your time effectively and complete necessary tasks on time. It also allows you to be prepared for any situation that might arise during a service or rehearsal.

  • Technical Abilities: A Worship Leader will need to have or develop a working understanding of different worship and production tools and programs. These include things like ProPresenter, Planning Center, various Adobe products, and more. This programs are vital part of our production and scheduling of Sunday morning services

  • Flexibility: As a Worship Leader, you will need to be flexible as services and events can change at any time. For example, if an event runs over its allotted time, you might need to adjust your plan for the service so that it ends on time. You also might need flexibility when planning music or other aspects of the service. If one song isn’t working well with the rest of the service, you might need to be able to switch songs without disrupting the flow of the service.

  • Passion: This is the fuel that drives your desire to lead a worship team. Passionate leaders are excited about their work and can inspire others with their energy. A passionate leader has a strong connection with their faith in Jesus Christ which allows them to connect with their audience through song.

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