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Hope Church exists to connect people to live the life of a Jesus follower. And God has given us an incredible staff team of leaders who desire to accomplish that mission together. This is more than simply a job, it is an opportunity to step into the stream of God’s activity in Las Vegas, the West, and the World.

We are currently looking for Jesus followers to join our staff team and be a part of what the Lord is doing in and through Hope Church. If you feel led to pursue a staff position at Hope Church, please review the openings listed below and fill out the online application.

Current Opportunities

Cultivate Director (Part-Time)

Preferred: Bachelors in education or similar field
Preferred: Experience in field as an educator

Position Summary:
The Cultivate Director is responsible for overseeing the programs, partnerships, and planning processes for Cultivate. This position includes working with CCSD schools
encouraging educators, and strengthening families by plugging them into the other programs that The Hub provides.

The Hub / Hope Church:
* Assist Hub director in trainings, events, serving events, and mission teams.
* Advocate for Cultivate on behalf of The Hub and Hope Church.
* Oversee the planning process and budget for Cultivate.
* Speak/teach at different events within The Hub and for Hub partners.
* Represent The Hub to Hope Church campuses.
* Create and maintain the vision for Cultivate.
* Build relationships with Cultivate volunteer

Cultivate Kids
* Oversee Cultivate Kids on Wednesday nights.
* Oversee Journeyman as a co-lead of Cultivate Kids
* Oversee future planning of Cultivate Kids

Partner Schools & Educator Care:
* Building relationships with specific CCSD schools that fit under the vision and goals of Cultivate.
* Represent Cultivate and The Hub to CCSD schools.
* Filling needs in these partner schools by creating serving opportunities for volunteers.
* Filling needs in these partner schools by utilizing the Cultivate budget wisely, to cover the costs of items schools need that are not covered by CCSD or grants.
* Leading the church to care for educators during back-to-school weekend, teacher appreciation week, etc.
* Develop curriculum needed for classes that are taught in partner CCSD schools.
* Create and teach curriculum for Professional Development classes for partner schools.
* Offer partner schools access to the other programs of The Hub, and create streamlined ways for schools to access these services.
* Host events for Cultivate (such as educator forums, professional development trainings, etc.)

Skills Required:
Specific skills required include:

* Preferred: experience in CCSD as an educator.
* Expert knowledge of CCSD.
* Understanding trauma and how it relates to educators.
* Ability to assist in Hub-wide events.
* Highly relational.
* Highly organized and able to host events, maintain budgets, etc.
* Ability to communicate clearly and speak at events, trainings, and partner schools.
* The ability to lead and inspire staff, missions teams and volunteers. Able to build a great team.
* Leadership skills required to define and manage a set of goals to serve the best possible ways.
* Excellent negotiator and mediator.
* Able to be a team player.
* A willingness to embrace change and to adapt strategies on the fly.
* Needs to be continually learning about and connecting with new resources.

Groups Coordinator (Part-Time)

Education: High School
Work Experience: 2 years

Position Summary:
The Groups Coordinator will help those wanting to find a group get connected through our Connection or Community Groups.They will manage Group Rosters and follow up contacts from the weekend and after Hope Community Events including Discovering Hope graduates.

Duties and Responsibilities:
* Ultimately, the job oft h e Groups Coordinator helps executes the vision of the Lead Pastor of Connection and Community and helping those interested in a Group get connected into a Community.
* Manage contacts for new group interests and new group leaders through the churches database.
* Creates new contacts for “perspective group members” that reach out through the web.
* Follows up with all contacts by reaching out to individuals by their preferred method of communication within 48 hours.
* Finds out their preferred group type, location, day, time, etc. and sends and connects them directly with the group leader.
* Set a reminder in F1 to loop back to see how their experience went. Take next steps as needed.
* If you are unable to connect someone, add them to the “interest” list and follow up as groups are created or connection groups are available.
* Onboarding New Group Leaders.
* Manages all prospective group leader interests.
* Maintains accurate group-listing and rosters.
* Add, remove, or update group information from the web and the church database.
* Create attributes for all current and previous group involvement.
* Provide updated group information to the Guest Services Team as it is updated.
* Create and Manage Dashboard with necessary group information.
* Create and maintain registration links and people lists for al group related events.
* Coordinate volunteers for any group related events.
* Communicate with participants through email or phone for invitations, reminders, etc.
* Responds to all general incoming group calls and emails.
* Assist in the creation, editing, and production of any group related materials.
* Reserve rooms for group events and communicate set up with facilities team.
* Run necessary reports and/or People Queries through the church database.
* Create and maintain groups people lists (i.e.current group leaders, connection group registrants, females 18+, etc.)

Skills Required:
* Able to multi task and manage multiple events at one time.
* Detail orientated with passion to complete tasks.
* Enjoys community and building relationships with people.
* Ability to relate to others well and work with teams.
* Good collaborator with volunteers and strong interpersonal skills.
* Proficiency in Microsoft Suite programs: Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Teams.
* Strong written and verbal skills.
* Strong interpersonal skills.
* Event experience.
* Organization and time management.
* Ability to work independently and in a team setting Phone etiquette.
* Passion to get people connected into community.
* Strong determination to follow through and patient in the process.

Administrative Assistant at Hope Church Henderson (Part-Time)

Education: High School
Work Experience: 2+ years as Administrative Assistant

Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree
5+ years as Administrative Assistant

Summary of Position:
The Hope Creative and Connection & Care Administrative Assistant shall fulfill the responsibilities listed below as you assist both the Hope Creative Pastor and the Connection & Care Director to lead the people of our church to live the life of a Jesus follower.

Duties and Responsibilities:

– Love for the church, missions, and service.
– Maintain integrity and confidentiality in all sensitive matters.
– Be a critical thinker.
– Be willing to speak into the direction and success of Hope Church Henderson.
– Show care and Christian concern for people, ministry partners, and others on the telephone, in the office, and at church.
– Attend team meetings as requested and necessary. This may require occasional evening hour attendance.
– Attend Al Staff Meetings as scheduled and as well as other misc. meetings (as needed).
– Be able to work well with others- team culture.
– Manage financial needs, such as receipts, check requests, etc. Collect, count, record and submit deposits to the Finance Department for each department.
– Maintain confidential documentation for Hope Church Henderson volunteers.
– Coordinate with the Facility Management team and AV team to ensure church building needs are met by entering events into Planning Center or Fix.
– Process applications, including reference checks and background checks for volunteers.
– Perform miscellaneous job and project related duties as assigned.
– Serve as project manager for all events executed by each ministry.

– Be the primary first contact for Hope Creative with ability to communicate direction and vision on behalf of the Hope Creative Pastor.
– Maintain clear and timely communications to church members as directed by the Hope Creative Pastor.
– Ability to manage normal administrative functions related to the Hope Creative Pastor – schedule/calendar (including counseling appointments), emails, meetings, Credit Card receipt reconciliation, mail inbound and outbound, filing, copying, etc.
– Manage the publication of special events brochures, flyers, postcards, newsletters, and information displays/signs, as requested.
– Must be proficient or willing to learn ProPresenter and Planning Center.
– Assist Hope Creative Pastor in updates of social media accounts, the church app and website.
– Assist Hope Creative Pastor in weekly scheduling of worship and production teams.

– Be the primary first contact for Connection &Care with ability to communicate direction and vision on behalf of the Connection & Care Pastor.
– Maintain clear and timely communications to church members as directed by the Connection & Care Pastor.
– Ability to manage normal administrative functions related to the Connection & Care Pastor – schedule/calendar (including counseling appointments), emails, meetings, Credit Card receipt reconciliation, mail inbound and outbound, filing, copying, etc.
– Record into Fellowship One Connection Card information such as new visitors and prayer requests.
– Connecting with first time guests by email or phone.
– Assist Connection &Care Pastor in scheduling regular meetings with the Small Groups Director, Volunteers Director and theMobilization Director.
– Assist Connection & Care Pastor and Small Groups Director in adding pertinent information into Fellowship One of different small groups and their members.
– Assist Connection & Care Pastor and Volunteer Coordinator in adding pertinent information into Fellowship One of where church members are serving in the church.
– Assist Connection &Care Pastor and Mobilization Coordinator in adding pertinent information into Fellowship One of where church members are helping in Las Vegas, the West and the World.
– Connect with those who are interested in being baptized and set up a conversation with a Pastor and register them for a baptism date.
– Connect with those who are interested in attending Discovering Hope Weekend and register them to attend.
– Help connect those who are new believers to begin the Next Steps towards Baptism, Discovering Hope Weekend and Small Groups.

Purchased Program Coordinator (full-time)

The Purchased Program Coordinator oversees the day-to-day function of the Purchased program space. This will be done through effective relational communication, case management alongside the Department of Family Services, recovery phase progression, and futuristic planning to prepare the client for life after Purchased.

This position is very relational in nature as they work closely with some of the most vulnerable in our city. This requires the individual to be warm, empathetic, optimistic, and firm in order to build close relationships that are vital to recovery.

Ultimately, the job of the Purchased Program Coordinator is to ensure smooth day-to day operations of the Reclaimed Recovery Program which is essential to the success of the clients while in the program and post-graduation. This is accomplished by:

– Communicate with the Purchased Director promptly about any issues or concerns
– Schedule, create, and write new curriculum for recovery classes using Asana to map out chapter by chapter goals/plans and Google docs to editing and store
– Oversee Recovery Class leaders in scheduling teachers/volunteers to be at the program space
– Coordinate transportation to and from the Purchased campus for each client in the recovery program (including driving the client’s home when other staff/volunteers are unable to)
– Schedule monthly Friday field trips using Asana with specific per-person/cost budgeting
– Attend Team Leader meetings (when necessary) and all Purchased events
– Perform other responsibilities as assigned by the supervisor
– Oversee day-to-day individualized case management operations of the Reclaimed Juvenile Recovery Program at the Purchased campus using the Casebook case notes system
– Lead all client intake for clients entering the recovery program with one other Purchased staff member
– Plan recovery classes, phase progressions, and the annual calendar
– Attend CFT meetings for clients in the program
– Check-in weekly with each client in the program
– Monitor clients’ progress and make additional expectations for their individual case plan when necessary
– Assess goals and determine education/career plans
– Maintain partnerships with various agencies
– Communicate regularly with legal guardians of clients and relevant contracted agencies to keep them informed on the client’s progress
– Oversee volunteer calendar and communicate regularly with program volunteers regarding needs, updates and changes occurring in the Purchased program
– Check in with regular and lapsed volunteers on a monthly basis via phone call or text message
– Quarterly coffee check-ins with regular volunteers who have been assigned to your caseload
– Intentionally get to know clients, volunteers, and Purchased Staff in the hopes of forging solid trusting relationships to build a healthy environment, that promotes growth for all
– Oversee the transportation of clients to and from the Program Space
– Oversee maintenance of the Purchased van (gas, oil changes, cleanliness, etc.)
– Track client’s daily participation and attendance in required program activities and classes
– Oversee clients with their online schooling when needed and daily keep clients accountable to their scholastic goals
– Understand Ignitia and utilizing it to grade assignments and track scholastic progress.
– Understand and use Asana to organize tasks and communicate with other Purchased Staff
– Understand and use VOMO to plan and communicate with volunteers
– Communicate with other Purchased Staff any information learned about clients that pertains to their recovery process
– Lead at least 1 Purchased Motel Outreach each month
– Assist on Purchased Outreaches when necessary
– Attend The Hub: Equip Training days

 The Purchased Program Coordinator should be a strongly rooted woman who is consistent, compassionate, empathetic, and firm. Essentially, she will be intentionally working to uplift and remind the clients of the truth that they have immeasurable worth and value, through word and deed. Specific skills required include:

– Have a strong and ever-growing relationship with Jesus.
– Have a heart for the most vulnerable.
– Have a strong, hopeful love for people.
– Have a humble, patient, and self-aware demeanor.
– Have a healthy understanding of boundaries and their importance when it comes to loving people well.
– Able to uphold boundaries in relationships.
– Not offended easily.
– Have a growing understanding of trauma and its effects.
– Have a growing understanding of what human trafficking is and how it is detrimental to everyone involved.
– Have a fun and lighthearted demeanor.
– Willingness to learn and open to critiques.
– Proficient in Word processing applications.
– Driving the Purchased 15-passenger van.
– Associates degree preferred
– Clear verbal and written communication
– Associated Degree required
– Bachelor’s Degree preferred
– Case management experience preferred

Care Ministry Associate (full-time)

Education: Bachelor’s Degree or Higher
Work Experience: Ministry and/or Care Background

Postion Summary:
The Care Ministry Associate will aid the Congregational Care Pastor in providing quality care and service to Hope Church members and attenders, as well as the Las Vegas community. The type of care this position will be directly involved in is hospital visits, home visits, care calls, and card and basket deliveries. This role will include an emphasis on prioritizing organization, care, and service to Hope members and attenders, as well those seeking care from the Las Vegas community.

Duties and Responsibilities:
* Provide care to 1-2 Hope Church members and staff to encourage on a daily basis via phone call, visit, handwritten card, etc., either directly or scheduled for Care Pastor (call, visit or write card).
* Set reminder and follows up with any members/non-members to those who have received care.
* Manage and create Care Pastor’s Outlook calendar and schedule appointments.
* Aiding Care Pastor in providing quality, follow up care for members, non-members, staff, and other care seekers for immediate care (1-2 weeks during or after crisis), intermediate care (1 month after crisis) and possible long-term care (1-2 month crisis).
* Aiding Care Pastor in planning and strategizing for more proactive care.
* Attend weekly staff meetings to be updated or informed on ministry needs,
* Manages care responsibilities and contacts, ensuring quality and accuracy in F1 and Microsoft Teams.
* Manages Congregational Care Pastor’s budget, submitting all receipt reconciliations on a monthly basis.
* Organizing and helping plan Congregational Care ministry plan, calendar and budget.
* Coordinate between care seekers and Deacons, Care Team and Care Pastor for hospital and home visits, as well as care calls.
* Collaborate with Care Ministry Coordinator in scheduling Care Pastor for officiating funerals and other congregation care events.
* Conduct hospital visits when Care Pastor is unavailable on his behalf.
* Attend weekly meetings with Care Pastor and HCM Team.
* Track and keep up to date dashboard in Microsoft Teams.

Skills Required:
* Strong skills using Microsoft office platforms.
* Excellent written and verbal communications.
* Ability to process through crises with a high level of emotional intelligence and steadiness.
* Can process challenging situations quickly with a high level of spiritual and emotional maturity.
* Must be able to handle several tasks simultaneously with maintaining a somewhat calm demeanor.
* Critical and strategic thinking skills for coordination of care administered between care seekers and care givers.
* Problem-solving abilities that serve Hope’s values and glorifies Christ.
* Able to manage conflict in a Christ-like manner, living out Matthew 18: 15-17/
* A passion for the hurting and a disenfranchised.
* Incredible people skills.
* A willingness to embrace change and to adapt to strategies on the fly.
* Needs to be continually learning the latest platforms, technology tools and marketing solutions through partnerships.
* Comfortable with acting as Care Pastor’s representative in situations that may include a mature sensitivity to the needs of the care seeker.

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