Hope Kids Elementary
Hope Kids Elementary

Hope Kids Elementary is here for our families with children in 1st – 5th grade. While you’re in service, we desire to create an environment where your kid does not want to leave. Through fun and energetic worship, creative Bible teaching, crazy games, and intentional small groups, your kids will be engaged for the whole service!


What To Expect

Our Mission

We exist to connect kids to live the life of a Jesus Follower!

Real Relationships

We dedicate 30 minutes of our program to small groups each Sunday. In small groups, your kids will be taught by one of our awesome volunteers. Together, they will connect about their week, discuss the Bible story of the day, participate in an activity that relates to the theme and daily Bible story, and pray with one another.

Intentional Leaders

We have a dedicated team of volunteers who desire to lead the Next Generation. They are passionate about helping your kids live the life of a Jesus Follower and to come alongside you as a parent. Each volunteer has applied and been background checked to be in Hope Kids.

Safety & Security

One of our top priorities is the safety of your kids. We not only background check all of our volunteers, but we check-in your kids at the beginning of service. You will receive a 3-digit code to pick up your kid at the end of service. Kids are only released with the person who has the 3-digit code

Resources For The Week

At the end of every service, your kid will receive a weekly God Time with four-devotions that will help them grow closer in their relationship with God. Additionally, we provide resources for parents to equip you to help your kid connect with God.

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