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Hope Kids Elementary Blog

Hope Kids Elementary Blog

Parent Resources for January 13 to January 20

Details from this week in Hope Kids

Today’s Bible Story: Bad Blood (David Spares Saul’s Life) • 1 Samuel 24
Today’s Key Question: What makes you angry?
Today’s Bottom Line: Don’t be controlled by your anger.
Monthly Memory Verse: By his divine power, God has given us everything we need for living a godly life. 2 Peter 1:3a (NLT)
Monthly Life App: Self-control—Choosing to do what you should even when you don’t want to
Basic Truth: I need to make the wise choice.

Grab your Bible and look up 1 Samuel 24 together. Is 1 Samuel in the Old or New Testament? If you aren’t sure where 1 Samuel is, look at the table of contents and head to that page.

Ask these questions to your kids once finishing the story in 1 Samuel

  • What is it about anger that makes it so hard to control?
  • What situations make you angry? Why?
  • Give an example of when you kept your cool and it was not easy. What did you do to remind yourself to have self-control?
  • What are some things you can do to help you remember to stop and think before losing your temper?
Family Activity – Bop It!

What You Need: No supplies needed

What You Do:

Lead kids in a variation of “Bop It!”

  • Briefly teach everyone things they can do when they’re tempted to let their anger control them.
    • Pray (Clasp hands in prayer.)
    • Count to ten (Count to ten aloud as you count with your fingers.)
    • Breathe (Hold your arms in a circle over your head like a giant balloon. Breathe in and expand the “balloon” then breathe out and shrink the “balloon.”)
    • Hug a stuffed animal (Pantomime clutching a stuffed animal to your chest.)
    • Walk it off (Walk in place.)
    • PAUSE (Freeze.)
  • When everyone know the motions, randomly call out the ways everyone can keep control of their anger.
  • As you call out each strategy, guide your family to quickly do the motion.
  • Be sure to keep the pace quick!
Pray together about Self-Control
1) Thank God for everything in your life! Say things by name too!
2) Thank God that He helps us when we lose control
3) Ask God to help you when you get angry.
4) Ask God to show what you can do to help calm down when you do get angry.

Be sure to check out this week’s resources including God Time’s and Parent Cue for more resources to help your child live the life of a Jesus Follower.