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Parent Resources for September 16 to September 23 

Details from this week in Hope Kids 

Monthly Life App: Initiative—Seeing what needs to be done and doing it 
Today’s Bible Story:
Nehemiah and Sanballat – Nehemiah 2:19-20, 4, 6 
Today’s Key Question: What distracts you from doing what needs to be done? 
Today’s Bottom Line: Stay focused on what needs to be done 
Monthly Memory Verse: Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Colossians 3:23A

Grab your Bible and look up Nehemiah together in the Old Testament. If you aren’t sure where Nehemiah is, look at the table of contents and head to that page. Find Nehemiah 2:19-20 and read that together. 

Ask these questions to your kids once finishing the verses in Nehemiah. 

    • What was wrong with the walls around the city of Jerusalem? (They were broken down, leaving the city unprotected.)
    • What did Nehemiah do about the broken-down walls? (He gathered the people in the city to rebuild the wall.)
    • People from neighboring nations weren’t happy about Jerusalem rebuilding the wall. Why? (Because if the wall was rebuilt, the people living there could defend themselves again.)
    • What did Nehemiah do when Sanballat and Tobiah laughed and made fun of the people as they worked on the wall? (Nehemiah did not get upset. He kept working.)
    • How did Sanballat and Tobiah feel when the people started to make progress on the wall? (They weren’t happy! They made fun of the people working to try to get them to stop.)
    • When the people heard Sanballat and Tobiah making fun of them, did they stop working or keep going? (The kept going.)
    • When Sanballat tried to get Nehemiah to stop working, how many times did Nehemiah message him with a NO: two times, three times, or five times? (five times)
    • Even when Sanballat made up stories about Nehemiah, did Nehemiah keep going? (Yes, Nehemiah trusted God and kept working.)
    • How many days did it take to rebuild the wall and the gates around the city: 25 days, 52 days, or 552 days? (52 days)
    Today, we learned to “stay focused on what needs to be ____________.” (Done) 

Pray together around initiative 

1) Thank God that he took the initiative with us and sent Jesus to die for our sins. We don’t have to figure it out on our own and we don’t have to be perfect. Jesus took all that from us so that we can be in a relationship with Him. 
2) Ask God to help you not give up this next week – to stay focused on what needs to be done. 
3) Ask God to give you ideas to help others continue what they need to do. 
4) Ask God to help you in this area. Who can you serve this week through initiative? 

Be sure to check out this week’s resources including God Time’s and Parent Cue for more resources to help your child live the life of a Jesus Follower.