Purchased: Las Vegas
Purchased provides rescue, relationships, resources, and recovery for the sexually exploited and sex trafficked.

Reclaimed Recovery Program

Our Reclaimed Recovery Program is an outpatient program for girls 12-17 who have been identified as having been trafficked or are highest-risk for trafficking. This trauma-informed and biblically-based program provides holistic care through friendtoring, individual therapy, group therapy, recovery classes, field trips, an online education in partnership with Lake Mead Christian Academy, and much more. Do you know someone who might be interested or benefit from joining this program?

Refer A Teen To The Program

Purchased: Las Vegas

Reclaimed Homes Program

Reclaimed Homes is a program in partnership with the Department of Family Services. We seek to train foster families about sex trafficking and trauma-informed care so that they can become a safe and loving home to teen survivors of commercial sexual exploitation. The teen survivor is placed in the Reclaimed Recovery Program and receives all the services of the program, while the Reclaimed foster parents receive support through our specialized Reclaimed training, a Care Community, the Fostering Hope support group, and direct access to the Purchased LV staff. We would love for you to get involved!


The heart of Purchased is to engage the body of Christ here in Las Vegas to walk alongside survivors of trafficking and exploitation while they are on their journey towards healing and restoration.

Kat Khal, Purchased Director
Purchased: Las Vegas