Group Time

We believe that you were not made to go through life alone! That is why we believe that as you grow in your relationship with Jesus, we all need Group Time! Group time is time spent consistently in community, in a small group. Groups are anywhere between 4-14 people depending on location. Join a Group this season based on the series and Pastor Vances book, ‘The Stressless Life’. Our new series and Groups begin Feb 10/13 and our Groups will be discussing the sermons and the book.  You have 2 Group options to choose from.

Both Connection and Community Groups will be doing the same study for 8 weeks. You can dive into any Group at anytime, we would love to have you. Or if you need help finding a Group email us at [email protected].

Community Groups

These groups meet in homes, restaurants, parks and coffee shops all throughout the week at various times.

Connection Groups

These groups meet on campus starting on February 15th @ 6:30pm.

The Groups will cover the 8 chapters from the book

  1. Anxious Living: What Is Stress and Why Is It Bad? 
  2. Abundant Life: What Is God’s Peace and How Do I Find It?
  3. Running Out of Time: How Do I Find God’s Peace in My Schedule? 
  4. Making Ends Meet: How Do I Find God’s Peace in My Budget?
  5. Dealing with People: How Do I Find God’s Peace in My Relationships? 
  6. Choices, Choices: How Do I Find God’s Peace in My Decision-Making? 
  7. Guard Your Heart: How Do I Cling to God’s Peace in the Face of Spiritual Attack? 
  8. When Life Falls Apart: How Do I Keep God’s Peace in Circumstances beyond My Control?
Physical Copies of “The Stressless Life” by Pastor Vance Pitman is available for purchase in Hope Resources starting January 27.

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