Ricky Harris

The Mission is Geographical

Loud & Clear
Jul 31, 2022
Psalm 96:3

In this message Pastor Ricky teaches from Psalm 96:3. We focus on the fact that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for all nations. How should this impact the life of a Jesus follower? That is what we explore in this sermon.

Sermon Notes

Loud & Clear

(The Mission is Geographical)

Engaging in God’s Kingdom activity is not limited to a short-term trip. We are to live on mission everyday where we live, work, and play


the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for all nations, peoples, families, and generations-His followers are responsible for declaring this glorious message Loud & Clear


Jesus Followers Worship God Rightly (Ps. 96:3)


 “Declare = You Make KnownScribe = 50x’s


· Tell = 40x’s

·  Declare = 24x’s

·  Number = 23x’s

·  Count = 6x’s

·  Write = 4x’s

·  Speak = 2x


Pastor Vance “Everything that God desires to do through me, he will accomplish out of the overflow of his intimate love relationship with me

“Worship” is a right and thankful response to who God is and what he has done. Therefore, “kabod” (riches, splendor, reputation, heaviness).

(John Piper “missions exist because worship doesn’t).


Jesus Followers Witness About God Passionately (Ps. 96:3)


“among” (“in”, it means to be.)


 “nations” (means “all people, and or pagan”).


Acts 1:8 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth”

1. Vocational

2. Relational

3. Strategic


Emil Brooner “at every point in the history of the church, the greatest sin of the church, and the one which causes the greatest distress, is that she withholds the Gospel from the world”.


Jared Alcantra “To be children of God means that we are partners in the mission of God in the world and that we reorient our lives around that mission. Those who God has encountered through Christ in the spirit cannot continue in complacency or indifference, living as if nothing radical had “altered the total human situation,” but instead are compelled into mission, into a new way of living, being, and acting in the world”.


Pastor Vance has said “when God birthed our church, he had the nations on his heart”.


Why are we constantly encouraged/commanded to share/take the Gospel to the nations?


· I am not passionate – God, give me a passion.


· I am not ready – God, help me to take practical steps.


·  I am afraid – God, give me courage and boldness.


· I am unworthy – God, help me to trust your Gospel.

Sermon Notes
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